How to choose an online casino

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Running a business of an online casino slot indonesia online use to be an attractive business undoubtedly. Online casinos are established and closed almost every week. Players can currently choose from more than 2,500 online casinos. Choosing the right casino from such a large number is not that simple. When choosing an online casino, you must take into account factors that a layman may not recognize at first glance.

When choosing the most suitable casino, you should first be sure that the casino meets the most important parameters, such as accepting players or a good reputation for fair play and payout. You can also choose a casino according to the availability of user support, the attractiveness of the casino website design or according to the game offer.

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Online casino with a good reputation

An online casino is like an insurance company. You can find out the quality of the insurance company only by having your insurance company provide you with appropriate compensation after reporting the insured event. In the same way, you will confirm the good reputation of the casino only after you win a considerable amount, and the casino will pay you without complications. 

The following are the most common fraudulent practices:

  • The casino declines to disburse the winnings duly won by the player.
  • The casino use to mark the win being a software fault and discards the player’s right to this win. Subsequently, the casino will try to force the player to accept compensation of 10-20% of the original winnings.
  • The casino introduces a condition which stipulates that in order to pay out the prize, the player must continue to play.
  • The casino will introduce unreasonably low withdrawal limits, which will prevent the withdrawal of a larger win.
  • The casino unreasonably delays selections (for weeks, but also months). The casino constantly requires repeated verifications of the player’s identity.
  • The casino justifies non-payment of legitimate winnings for other reasons.
  • The casino offers deployed unlicensed games with an ample of lower payout ratio. 
  • The casino often uses a bonus misuse clause. The casino is able to mark any kind of player who changes bonuses into actual money as bonus addicts and will withdraw all bonus money.

A reasonable amount of revenue in proportion to the amounts you are playing for; reasonable selection limits

In this case, a parallel with insurance companies can help us again. Would you insure your house with a company that makes less money per year than the value of your house? Probably not. If your house burned down, the insurance company would not be able to pay you because it would not have enough money and you would have to sue with it. That might bankrupt them, and you wouldn’t get your money anyway.

The same rules apply to online casinos. If you happen to win a huge amount of money in a small casino, it will cause quite a problem in its cash flow. In this case, the casino’s motivation for dishonesty will be very strong. In the worst case, such a casino will become insolvent. And then it’s no longer about honesty or dishonesty, but about simply not having money.


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