Creativity Unleashed Blog is Born!

Born out of a desire to remain connected to the innate ebb and flow of creative energy gifted to us as children, The Freedom Factory was created.  Recognizing that, while the force within us is inherent, our ability to feel, understand and move it can easily be numbed.  We sought the tools, space, and the wisdom to harness these powerful gifts so that we might fully enjoy the freedom that a life of creative thinking provides.

The Freedom Factory, over the last 5 years, has become a gathering place of creatives.  It's welcoming vibe has been home to hundreds of local artists as they share their own journey.  The value of the connections that have been forged, the comradery and understanding of the highs and lows of creating art, is one that cannot be overstated.  We have seen magic in the eyes of some who had given up.  We have watched fire ignite in the hearts of those inspired by the powerful sights and sounds in the room.  

In these challenging times we invite you to share in our newest offering, The Freedom Factory Blog.  Through our website we will continue to build community and collective energy, providing resources and tools to maintain the flow state.

We can't wait to build this community even further, stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Melanie and Tiffany - The Freedom Factory

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