Episode 004 *Curator Talk* learning to let go for creativity

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 004 of Creativity Unleashed, learning to let go for creativity. When we are not in balance and our energy gets stuck or blocked, it affects our flow and our creative thoughts can take a back seat. When we refuse or don't know how to "let go" of a thought or a situation that is no longer serving us we can easily become stifled in our creativity. On today's podcast Melanie Pinto Reiki Master, kundalini teacher and my business partner at the gallery is coming on to teach us tangible ways to to let go and deepen our creative process. This is the first time Melanie is joining me on the podcast and I'm so excited to have her! Before opening the gallery we actually started our business with a workshop called Creativity Unleashed. It's something we continued to do in our gallery and it means the world to us now especially in isolation to bring you these tools through our podcast..we hope you enjoy! Please comment below if you have a topic you would like us to talk about i a future podcast! If you liked this video please show us some love and hit SUBSCRIBE. To learn more about our gallery The Freedom Factory please visit our website https://www.thefreedomfactorytoronto....

To listen to this episode on your preferred platform check out: https://linktr.ee/CreativityUnleashed

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