Vape & Paint

A night of creative expression

The Freedom Factory's mandate is to support artists and guide all people into a journey of creative discovery.  When you tap into your creative energy great things happen!  

In collaboration with Toronto Visual Artist and Muralist Rowell Sowell, Vape and Paint promises to be a night to explore the senses with paint and cannabis.  

Rowell, a cannabis enthusiast, shares his "psychadelic bohemian funk/ancient graffuturism" as you explore your own journey with colour and texture. 

Understanding the benefits and uses of cannabis, in a responsible way, gives rise to a creative tool for healing and creative expression.  

FEBRUARY 20, 2019 7:30 - 9:30 PM  19+ Event

Rowell Soller
Rowell Soller is a Filipino-Canadian, self-taught, multidisciplinary artist. His practice revolves around traditional painting on canvas, sculpture and murals.
Rowell's Work
he has established a signature style of his own called, 'Ancient Graffuturism'. In this he combines elements of abstract art and graffiti with culturally inspired Indigenous designs and symbols. He seeks to provoke complex thoughts and feelings through the visual language portrayed in his work.
Vape & Paint
This fun interactive workshop allows you to explore colours and textures guided by Toronto Muralist Rowell Soller! Includes all paint supplies, guidance with Rowell Soller.
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